Potts, Candice

Welcome Parents and Students to 

 Science and math

Mrs. Potts'

HCHS Science and Math 2021-2022 Classrooms:


Things you NEED TO KNOW:

1.  All Mrs. Potts' Math and Science Classrooms will need a binder (1" or 1.5" preferred). 

2.  Algebra 2 will be using Carnegie Learning this year.  This exciting curriculum is a mix of skill practice and understand just how Algebra is used in the real world (the actual real world, not 'common core' real world).  There is a family guide on each page (SEE LEFT TABS ON THIS PAGE).  

4.  Students and Parents both: You must communicate with me as needed.  I'm a strict on due dates, if something arises and it's not a habit, let me know, I can work with you. 

5. For the time being I do not accept work from unexcused absences.  In addition, students must be present in class, especially for quizzes and tests.  If your student is absent on the day of a quiz or test, it must be made up with me (in person) under the attention/excused policies set forth by HCHS Student Handbook.   At this time I will not offer quizzes and tests to be made up through Google Classroom.

6.  Being prepared is a must!  Late assignments will be graded according to the HCHS Student Handbook.  In addition, supplies, especially a binder and pencil are required in class. 

7.  A classroom syllabus for each class is found in the class page (see left tab).




PARENTS:   Thank you for all your effort to help your child at home with their assignments and navigating those to-do lists.  I am ALWAYS AVAILABLE should you have any questions or concerns.  You can reach me by email at [email protected].


AUGUST PARENT TIP(!!!): Make sure your student has their needed supplies, 1.5" binder, pencil and paper