Occupational Math

This year's Occupational Math will create an Interactive Notebook.  The basis of the Notebook is for every Occupational Math student to create a handbook they can then take out into the real world, whether if they work for a company or start a company of their very own.  

The foundation for any occupational math is just getting back to basics.  Watching and learning from my own father and husband when taking on projects such as remodeling or laying tile, etc, one thing is certain, many tasks can be mastered with a basic mathematical understanding and application.

Topics to look forward to in August:

1) To Estimate or to NOT Estimate (when estimation can be appropriate in the workforce vs. when errors in estimation can cost you time and money).

2) Basic real work practice on tasks using the 4 main mathematical operations

Topics to move into in September:

1) Measurement in the workforce