Algebra 2

Algebra II Syllabus

Hardin County High School

Course Philosophy: To increase mathematical and scientific awareness and academic proficiency through appropriate scholastic rigor in order to prepare our students to compete in a global society. 


Course Description: Algebra II course topics typically include field properties and theorems; set theory; operations with rational and irrational expressions; factoring of rational expressions; in-depth study of linear equations and inequalities; quadratic equations; solving systems of linear and quadratic equations; graphing of constant, linear, and quadratic equations; properties of higher degree equations; and operations with rational and irrational exponents. 



Teacher:  Candice Potts

Room: 4

Email:  [email protected]

Classroom Period:   2nd/4th hour (depending on your schedule)

Classroom link for general information (Parents):  (updated periodically)

Classroom resources provided to all students if schoolwide remote is needed :

Google Classroom Code:

2ND HOUR CODE: rr37t2u 4TH HOUR CODE: d356lmm


Classroom Expectations

1.) Possess a positive attitude and be honest and proactive about getting extra help when needed.

2.) Complete all assignments in the time allotted, unless prior arrangements have been made with the instructor.  Handbook policies will be strictly enforced in regards to late work, including those policies for unexcused absences

3.) Be present during class, both mentally and physically.  Maintain focus and effort.  Contribute.

4.) Arrive on time and prepared with binder, books and a pen/pencil

5.) Do your own work. Times will vary between group/partner collaboration and individual assessments.  Students are expected to know the difference and work accordingly.

6.) Treat all staff, students, equipment and furniture appropriately and respectfully.  Notify a teacher if you feel that you are not being treated this way.

7.) Adhere to all school rules, policies and procedures as provided by the HCHS Student Handbook.

8.) Take classroom notes, don’t be disruptive at any time in the classroom, don’t be afraid to ask questions.

Grades (Points vary by assignment)

-Interactive Algebra II Notebook 10-20 points each 

- Homework/Activities 10-20 points each 

-Daily Warm-ups 2-5 points

-Quizzes 40-60 points

-Tests 100 points

**Averages will be updated weekly in Teacherease**


1.) All students have access to Google Classroom should we have any schoolwide need for remote instruction.  While we don’t anticipate the need for use of Google Classroom in this class, all students need to be a member of the classroom. If the school moves into a period of remote learning you will receive assignment instructions via the STREAM or a formal ASSIGNMENT in the CLASSWORK Tab; students will need to access the classroom DAILY.

2) I do not accept late assignments.  Policies are set in the HCHS Student Handbook.

  • Late/Makeup work guidelines: ½ credit for 1st day assignment is late, zero any day after.

  • While I’m strict about my homework policy, things do happen from time to time.  Stay in communication with me; if I don’t know, I can’t help.

3) Work given during unexcused absences will not be allowed to be made up.

4.)   I AM ALWAYS AVAILABLE BY EMAIL AT [email protected]